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Auto Loan: Apply online for a good or even a very bad credit auto loan quote, including a new or used auto loan or refinancing.

Credit Card: Browse good and bad credit card applications including instant approval credit cards, gold, platinum, and guaranteed card offers.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.

Debt Counseling: Personal finances out of control? Unsecured credit counseling, debt management, debt negotiation or free debt settlement.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers plus tips and alerts to help manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream with home ownership.

Mortgage Refinancing: Fast 2nd mortgage loan quote for remodeling, equity cash out, debt consolidation or other reasons.

Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check, no security (collateral) and no cosigner.

Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan up to $10,000 (as available, or view alternative loan options).

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy and get free bankruptcy forms, create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook and more. Get our free personal budget software.

Financial Help: Get the latest financial news. Search Credit Federal for credit card, debt assistance, auto loan, home loan, mortgage refinancing, payday and personal loan applications and information.
Get free online IRS tax filing, or settle IRS tax debt

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Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.



US government free money. Unclaimed money search, free govt grants and individual grant foundations No credit card required


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Free, no-obligation credit offers for credit report, credit card, loan and other financial services.

Govt Grant, Unclaimed Money and Unclaimed Property

100% free access to links of Govt Grants and Unclaimed Money, no fees!


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free debt relief. lower monthly bills and unsecured bill payments.

You don't need a grant to pay bills... Debt Relief

Reduce monthly bills.

Negotiate debt settlements.

Lower interest and fees. 

Get a loan to payoff debts.




You'll have instant free access to our page of grant and unclaimed money links, a 100% free service which we've provided since January, 2001.


Need money bad? No fees individual grant foundations, unclaimed money, unclaimed property and free government money programs. Includes government assistance, grants for the disabled and education grants.


Seen Matthew Lesko on TV or received mail or phone solicitations from companies selling free government money information? They charge fees, but Credit Federal gives free access to its financial newsletter subscribers.


There are government grant programs, unclaimed money, unclaimed property, SBA grants to start a business and private grant foundations for women, minorities and veterans. Research free with us and pay no fees. Absolutely no credit card required.


Get access to our links of Govt. grants, federal assistance, unclaimed money and unclaimed property.


Credit Federal no fee links to free govt. grants, unclaimed money, unclaimed property, financial and government assistance. Research free to determine your eligibility for grants or govt. assistance. Because this is a Free Public Service offered and maintained by Credit Federal at its own expense, Credit Federal cannot provide individual assistance in researching, applying, and obtaining grants or federal programs. Credit Federal provides this service as "Self-Help" only.


Seen Matthew Lesko on TV or received mail or phone solicitations from companies selling free government money information? They charge fees, but Credit Federal gives free access. And by using our service, you can avoid government grant scams.


Search for free grants to pay bills


As the economy continues to stagger, with high unemployment, rising living costs and mounting debt, consumers turn to the internet in search of free grants for personal individual use.


Need more information? Read our financial and credit articles related to government grant, and join our online financial newsletter.

Identify Thieves Prey on Unemployed Job Seekers

Part of finding a job is networking, and what better place to do that than on the internet? There are plenty of online resources to help you create a resume, post your qualifications as a job hunter, and pages upon pages of job listings for you to review.

Unfortunately these are also prime hunting grounds for identity thieves. You've already provided your name and email address as a job seeker, so now a thief can send you a scam email to directly target you. For example, a teacher posting a resume may attract an ID thief who sends an email claiming you can have instant certification for any city or town, simply click the link and remit your application fee. Of course there is no actual certification and the thief runs off with money as well as your banking or credit card information.

Guaranteed job positions are another scam. An example is an email claiming to have insider information on how to get a government job or a grant to start your own business.

Sounds legit... You get these scam emails which are personally addressed to you. You think it must be real, since the sender knows your name. But the sender simply got your name from one of your resume postings.

Protect Yourself:

With a few simple safeguards you can prevent identity theft and avoid becoming a victim to a scam.

Post your resume only on well-known, long established website which secure your resume, including your email address and your name which will only be released to legitimate employers specifically asking for your information.

Always be wary of job offers received via email - If you subscribe to job seeking lists, you should receive employment offers specific to that list. More generic job offers, especially those promising rich rewards and opportunities, are usually scams. Criminals can easily fake real company letterheads and pretty graphs, hoping to fool you into applying for the job. In essence, they are just another form of phishing, a tactic that involves convincing you to click into a fake website where identity thieves hope to capture as much personal information about you as they possibly can.

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - © 2011 New USA Funding

The federal government gives away - yes, thatís gives away - more than $400 billion in free funding every year. With more than 5,000 federal programs alone (not including those programs run by state governments), there might be money out there for just about anyone - or anything. Additionally, there are 65,000-100,000 foundations and corporations that also give away money. You only have to confirm that you are eligible!

So, if there's so much funding being handed out, why don't more people apply? First, getting your hands on some of that money isn't always easy. It takes time and work just to sort through the thousands of available funding opportunities, then thereís filling out applications and writing proposals-all with no guarantee that you'll ever receive a check. That's simply too much work for most people, especially when they wonder if there is even funding thatís right for them. But, for those willing to invest the time and energy into finding, applying for, and submitting proposals, it can be very profitable. With the right team of people assisting you, the process can be made clearer, manageable. Easier.

Personal Assistance:
Child Care
Drug Abuse Treatment
Food / Nutrition
Food Stamps
Low Income
Medial Expenses
Rent Assistance

There are many Personal Assistance Programs that you can apply for as long as you meet the criteria, however there is no Government Funding to pay off your credit cards or debt. was created to empower individuals with the tools they need to find and apply for all different types of funding. We offer you a specialized website: brimming with research-from experienced funding specialists-and designed to assist you in the research process.

There is money available. Your goal as a funding seeker is to first find it, then figure out how to prove to the providing organization that you should get it. Donít you want the best team at your side?

To provide you with the support and resources you need to successfully pursue your funding quest, we charge a small fee to cover the administrative costs of marketing and advertising this site. The fee is $29.99-a fair price to pay for the wealth of applications and information provided. With your registration fee, you will receive access to our members-only application sources site.

Good news: this fee comes with a GUARANTEE! If you apply for the funding opportunities you are eligible for and yet you donít receive the funding, your fee will be refunded to you! All you have to do is provide our support staff with the funding agency you applied to and the response you received and your fee will be refunded immediately. So there is no risk: you have nothing to lose!

What are you waiting for? New USA Funding has the tools and resources you need to guide you in the process of finding and applying for funding. Open the door to funding opportunities. Get started now!

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Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - © 2001 - Present -

Free Government Grants: The US Government and Private Foundations are required to give away billions of dollars in GRANT MONEY each and every month to help people just like you to stimulate the economy and jump-start small businesses. Unfortunately the general public isn't aware of the various programs and billions of dollars go unclaimed each year as a result.

You just need to know how and where to access all of the funds available...and then the proper format and technique for writing your Grant Proposal. Our Kit and Online Grant Resource Center contain all of the grant sources, propsal writing instructions, and expert advice you need to obtain your Government Grant. 

Step-by-step directions that will enable you to secure your first $50,000 Federal Government Grant! IMMEDIATE Access to our online Grant Resource Center with information that will enable you to apply for thousands of dollars in Grant Money is included today as a special bonus. Follow our step-by-step instructions to access BILLIONS in Grant money available yearly. Using our Kit and online Resource Center you will be taught how to apply for grant money today! 

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Don't be a victim of free government money scams, such as grants and loans that you never pay back.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) provides a full listing of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories (and possessions) of the United States; domestic public, quasi- public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals.
You have the same free right to Government Auction, Grant, Unclaimed Money and Seizure information as any other American or business, with no fee payment and no credit card required.
The IRS is seeking applications for the new Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) matching grant program. Also search our resources for other free money such as unclaimed funds and property.
There are now new ways for American Express card members submit project ideas for the Members Project. American Express will donate $2.5 million to fund the project. Also browse our website for government grant programs.
Free money search. How to claim abandoned property, and how to find unclaimed money. Also government grant application resources.
US Federal Government tackles Private Grant Scams. Get free access to legitimate grants and unclaimed money.
What Grant programs if any can a veteran apply to for student loan debt. I owe over $90,000 in student loan debt. I have under $30,000 in past Credit Card debt. We've already consolidated everything as much as possible.
The federal CFDA website is where to find Government Grants, but as of the date of this article the government is still overhauling it.

Tip of the Day: Collection Agency Contact - When a collection agency calls you, don't be afraid to answer the phone. Answer and ask these questions: What is your company name? What number do I call to supply new information or to ask additional questions? Where are you located? Who claims I owe this debt? If you do not recognize the debt, demand the agency to mail proof to you. If the agency cannot provide proof, you can send them a cease and desist letter which also forbids them to place a bad credit entry on your credit report.

Personal Credit Advice: If you are short of money and a bill is due that will result in a late payment penalty fee, what can you do? Charge the bill to your credit card, because the interest on it may be lower than the late fee. If you don't have a credit card due to bad credit, get a payday personal loan to fill the temporary cash shortage.

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