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Credit Tip: Important comparisons when choosing a bank checking account (if applicable): *the minimum needed to open the account; *interest rate; *monthly fee; *what happens if your account falls below the minimum; *bounced/return check fee; *check writing limit; *ATM fee.

Credit Tip: Banks borrow money from individuals, companies and sometimes even from the government, and then they invest that money in securities or through private loans to make a profit. When deciding to approve a loan application, they consider several factors, chiefly the overall risk.


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Personal Credit


Leaving personal credit reports unchecked is taking a risk. Credit reports can have mistakes that could be causing poor scores. Consumers expect their reports to be accurate, but many times they contain information that is incorrect. It could be as simple as showing mistakes like bills, that have not been paid or negative comments that are not true.


It is important to know what lenders, banks, and insurance companies see when they view your credit reports. Companies who screen job applicants may request them, and they may decide not to hire applicants, with negative information on their reports. Institutions issuing credit cards and loans, and insurance agencies will view reports, and interest rates or insurance premiums are usually determined on the basis of credit rating.


Credit files contain personal information from a variety of sources, and those who extended credit provide information on reports to the three major agencies. Keeping up with credit is easier due to computerized reports. It is easy for companies to do credit checks due to technology.


It is important to understand reports, especially if scores need rebuilding. Recognizing weak areas like paying bills late, missing payments, or using too much available credit can all have a negative effect on ratings. Being denied a loan or credit card is one indication that scores may be damaged, and getting credit may be hard.


Mortgage lenders are usually interested in how well their applicants repay loans, they like to make sure before approving an applicant, that they will get paid. Anyone thinking of buying a home should review all reports from the three major agencies. Even if there are some problem areas, errors or personal mistakes can be corrected so scores can be rebuilt over time. 


Anytime there is a problem paying debts, contact the lender and try to work out a revised payment schedule. Do not risk further problems from not making payments. This causes a problem when it is documented on reports and becomes part of the credit history.


There are some companies who may say they can wipe negative information off reports, but that will never happen if the information that was reported was true. Only incorrect information or errors that does not belong to the person can be removed. Any true information stays for a specific time. Reporting agencies make credit history available to those who have an interest in your credit worthiness.


Reports indicate payment history, amount of debt owed, the types of credit used, employment, and it helps companies decide if you are a credit risk. They can also include things like credit card accounts, loans, and bankruptcy filings. It is important to check them to make sure they do not list a stranger's information by mistake. It always helps to be informed about your current credit status.

Nov 23 personal credit updates government grants below;

Government Money


The government is not just handing out money without a good reason, and when they do, it is usually in the form of providing services. For example, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is involved in education. It helps to provide a better education for all children which is important for America’s economic future. It gives children an education so they can be successful in a global economy, and this involves early education. The government may give money, but it is not by just freely giving it to individuals, it may be in the form of grants.


Examples of ways the government provides money:


* For early learning programs like Head Start and programs for special needs children.

* For elementary and secondary education.

* To help stabilize state education budgets.

* To improvement teacher effectiveness.

* To improve achievement in low-performing schools.

* To collect information to improve student learning, and teacher performance.

* To improve access to higher education.

* To invest in new ways to help teachers improve student outcomes.

* To invest in a national effort to prepare and reward outstanding teachers.

* To restructure college financial aid.

* To invest in community colleges for high-demand skills and education.


Just like the government may provide money toward education programs, it also provides money for other programs. Review the government's official website for more information. When there is not a grant option or program to qualify for, a payday loan may be one choice to get money.

nov 30 personal credit below;

Personal Credit


Information that is not related to credit does not appear on personal credit reports, for example race, religion, and medical history. When reviewing credit information, if there is something that is not right, call the credit agency, write a letter, or dispute the information online. Even if some information is not quite complete, work on correcting it and getting it current.


Review all account numbers and the information for every account to make sure all the details are right. When information is disputed, it can take up  45 days for any disputed data on an annual free credit report. Do not make the mistake of just saying something is not correct, be detailed about exactly what the problem is and the information that is wrong.


Paying big money to fix a credit report is not a fast answer, only hard work, and some time can help get credit back on track. There are many good methods and tips that can help get those personal credit reports on the road to recovery. Sometimes the negative information that belongs to a stranger is what may be keeping scores low. In this case, getting a stranger's data off the report can be a step in the right direction even though it can require some time.


When information on a report has been proved to be inaccurate, it can be changed or deleted. There are laws that mandate the amount of time that certain credit information can stay on a report. Many people have repaired their credit just by having a personal budget and paying down debts. When a self made plan is not working, credit counseling that offers budgeting and credit repair training may be a good choice. Some services do charge a fee, be sure to review their terms.


Reports can have information from creditors, public records, collections, bankruptcies and judgments and liens. Some information can stay on reports for seven to ten years. The great thing about good information, is that it can stay on reports indefinitely. Consumers can get one free credit file from each of the national credit reporting companies every 12 months. For someone who has received notice within the past 60 days, that they were rejected for a loan or other credit, employment, or housing, they can order a free report online.

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - This is Free Money, Never to be Repaid. Introducing free money programs where you can find opportunities like:

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$300,000 to start a brewery
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$2900 for a teenager to start a business
$22,000 for a year of free training for a high school dropout... and the list goes on!

$6,000,000,000 Available to Minorities & Women! Six billion dollars are offered to minorities and women through the government grants and loans program. Half of this free grant money goes unclaimed each and every year! If you do not use it, it will remain idle or eventually be used by the Defense Department whom has no quarrels with coming up reasons to use it. The opportunities exist for minority business start-up or expansion, the responsibility now rests upon the individual to gain access to money from the the largest financial Institution in the world. Famous Black American Reginald Lewis used "Government Money" to first buy McCall Pattern Company then to go on and make the deal of a life time by purchasing Beatrice International, thus making him a (Billionaire) in the process. The start with Government Money led to his success! "More Black American Entrepreneurs like Reginald Lewis are needed," quoted Mr. Greene in a recent press release. "citing that the money has been ear marked for minorities if the money is not used it remains idle. "A local bank should never be your first shopping point for money because of high qualifying criteria and high interests rates. You should first try a government grant or loan," urged Greene.

Expedited Grant Service: (888) 384-9608
Auctions Info Line: (888) 691-0041
Money Tracer Info Line: (800) 306-0873
Government Jobs Info Line: (800) 209-5007

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