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You'll have instant free access to our page of grant and unclaimed money links, a 100% free service which we've provided since January, 2001.


Need money bad? No fees individual grant foundations, unclaimed money, unclaimed property and free government money programs. Includes government assistance, grants for the disabled and education grants.


Seen Matthew Lesko on TV or received mail or phone solicitations from companies selling free government money information? They charge fees, but Credit Federal gives free access to its financial newsletter subscribers.


There are government grant programs, unclaimed money, unclaimed property, SBA grants to start a business and private grant foundations for women, minorities and veterans. Research free with us and pay no fees. Absolutely no credit card required.


Get access to our links of Govt. grants, federal assistance, unclaimed money and unclaimed property.


Credit Federal no fee links to free govt. grants, unclaimed money, unclaimed property, financial and government assistance. Research free to determine your eligibility for grants or govt. assistance. Because this is a Free Public Service offered and maintained by Credit Federal at its own expense, Credit Federal cannot provide individual assistance in researching, applying, and obtaining grants or federal programs. Credit Federal provides this service as "Self-Help" only.


Seen Matthew Lesko on TV or received mail or phone solicitations from companies selling free government money information? They charge fees, but Credit Federal gives free access. And by using our service, you can avoid government grant scams.


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As the economy continues to stagger, with high unemployment, rising living costs and mounting debt, consumers turn to the internet in search of free grants for personal individual use.


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Searching online for debt relief, may yield results for many links to websites that may say there are Federal grants available to pay debts. Some of the sites may ask for money in order to get the secrets or information for debt money. Many consumers have made the mistake of giving money and got disappointed that the government is not going to just send them a check in order for them to payoff their credit cards


The idea that there are grants to get money to pay bills is appealing to many consumers, so appealing that they are willing to pay money. There are some examples of government help, for example, recent mortgage problems that millions of people have experienced, and being at risk of loosing their homes. The government assisted and provided some means, so people who qualified could try to keep their homes through a loan modification program. They did not step in and pay the mortgage, but provided a way that homeowners could try to keep their home by working out a better payment plan.


There are debt relief services that offer some effective and affordable solutions to consumers, in an effort to help them get debts under control, and there are usually some fees for this service. When people are not successful at reducing debts, debt relief services may be very helpful. When faced with high monthly payments that have high interest rates or accumulated late fees, some of these debt companies have helped people get rates reduced and late fees dropped.


One reason debt services are able to do this, is because they work with companies every day and negotiate between borrowers and creditors for something that will benefit both parties. After all, when borrowers file bankruptcy, a creditor may end up not getting paid at all. Many debt settlement companies are good at negotiating and can sometimes get creditors to settle for a much lower payoff than what is actually owed. Many of these companies require a specific amount of unsecured debt from applicants, it could require a minimum of around $10,000 or more in debt.

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Free government grants - The fact of the matter is that most Americans believe that the different government grants out there are largely not available to them. They seem to believe that these are reserved exclusively for people besides themselves and for different business interests.

But in fact there are many different kinds of free federal grants, there have been many different federal government grants programs set up in recent years, and thereís an excellent reason why there seems to be a lack of information about them. The government and different special interest groups out there who derive most of the benefits from them donít want you to know about it.

Are Free Government Grants Real, and Can I Get One? Free government grants are widely talked about, even in the media but most people donít think that they are eligible for these grants. The reality is that the federal government does literally give money away to people every day, including business owners, home owners, and students. These basics will help you understand government grants and how you can qualify and apply for one yourself.

Types of Grants: Free government grants do exist, but you need to apply before you are considered for one. Grants are given based on the type of grant you need and whether or not you meet the requirements for the grant. For example, rural homeowners may be eligible for government grants to assist in building a home in an underdeveloped area of the country, or small business grants can provide business owners with the money that they need to expand their business. There are hundreds of different types of free government grants available. The key to getting a grant yourself is to find and apply for the grant before the application deadline has passed and meeting the eligibility requirements for the grant that you are interested in.

Personal Grants: If youíre short of income, it can be feasible to obtain personal grants from the government. The funds could be used to cater for a house mortgage, paying off credit card bills and school tuition. Thereís nothing that youíre required to pay to obtain the government grants. The government provides them for free of charge so long as you meet the requirements that they have set.

To get the personal grants, the world wide web is the most effective tool to use. Look for the government internet site that provides information about diverse personal help programs. One of the most suitable website to use is Prior to you can get the funds, you may be required to fill in a questionnaire. This questionnaire is extremely detailed and itíll take you a while prior to you complete it. The time that you spend to fill it in is wort it due to the fact it allows you to discover about the different benefits that you get when you qualify for the grant. For those who are not certain about the precise personal grant that you might be thinking about, youíll be able to look by way of all the alternatives that it is possible to choose from. In case you already know the kind of grant that youíre interested in, it is possible to conduct a particular search for the proper questionnaire. A few of the choices which are available incorporate loan repayment, housing, education and healthcare. It amay possibly take a although before you get the certain program that youíre looking for.

It can be also feasible to conduct a search for personal grants according to the state and category. You will find some programs which are only offered for certain states. Itís better to carry out a search for both the category and state in case you wish to get comprehensive outcomes. Once you get a program that you might be thinking about, it can be crucial to read via the instructions really carefully. There are numbers which are supplied on the web site and you are able to use them to create any inquiries when you are trying to find an appropriate grant.

Before you begin to apply for personal grants, it can be important to figure out what your objectives are. Identify what you are going to use the funds for because this is what will decide should you will be able to qualify for the particular program that youíre interested in.

There are various personal details that youíll be required to enter in the questionnaire when you are attempting to get a personal grant. These details incorporate your date of birth, where you reside, citizenship status, employment status, the number of individuals who are inside your property, your annual income and marital status. All these details are utilised to establish your qualification as a result you need to be sure the details you offer are accurate.

When you are trying to find personal grants, it can be essential to note that youíll find some which are not provided by the government for that reason you may be needed to pay a certain fee for them. The ones supplied by the government are a better choice simply because they donít price anything.

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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) provides a full listing of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories (and possessions) of the United States; domestic public, quasi- public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals.
You have the same free right to Government Auction, Grant, Unclaimed Money and Seizure information as any other American or business, with no fee payment and no credit card required.
The IRS is seeking applications for the new Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) matching grant program. Also search our resources for other free money such as unclaimed funds and property.
There are now new ways for American Express card members submit project ideas for the Members Project. American Express will donate $2.5 million to fund the project. Also browse our website for government grant programs.
Free money search. How to claim abandoned property, and how to find unclaimed money. Also government grant application resources.
US Federal Government tackles Private Grant Scams. Get free access to legitimate grants and unclaimed money.
What Grant programs if any can a veteran apply to for student loan debt. I owe over $90,000 in student loan debt. I have under $30,000 in past Credit Card debt. We've already consolidated everything as much as possible.
The federal CFDA website is where to find Government Grants, but as of the date of this article the government is still overhauling it.

Credit Tip: If your credit card or loan application is rejected due to information supplied by a credit bureau, federal law requires the creditor to give you the name of the bureau that supplied the derogatory information. If you contact that credit bureau within 60 days of receiving the denial, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report.

Credit Tip: If you find an error in your credit report, you are entitled to have it investigated by the credit bureau and corrected at no charge. However, if negative information on your credit file is accurate, then only time and responsible credit habits can help restore a bad credit history.

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