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Payday Personal Loans: Submit an online personal loan application. Good credit people may qualify for a large limit personal loan of up to $10,000 or more. If you qualify only for a very bad credit personal loan, compare various pre-approved loan offers from lenders who approve no credit check loans with online instant approval.

Loan Application Rejected? If your bank denied you for a long term unsecured personal loan with monthly installment payments because of your credit problems, consider a short term loan or other guaranteed loan. Perhaps you can borrow from multiple unsecured personal loan resources to get the large cash limit you need.

Don't forget that there are secured as well as unsecured loan providers. You could get a small unsecured cash loan or a large secured personnel loan using an asset as loan guaranty.

Fast Payday Loan: When you need money quick with no collateral and no credit check, consider an unsecured high risk loan. Between paydays, this is a good alternative as a short term loan to pay bills or as an emergency loan to pay unexpected expenses like a car repair. Learn the benefits of payday advance loans and common uses, and review alternative unsecured cash loan options including loans for unemployed people and small business loans.

Payday Loan Interest: A payday advance has no interest structure because it charges a fee versus an APR. Some borrowers often use a payday loan to repay a payday loan from another lender, or to roll-over their existing loan term. Before you apply online for a personal loan, carefully review all terms and conditions. Browse for more payday and personal loan resources.


If you want to lend a friend or family member a person-to-person personal loan, use our free personal loan calculator to determine monthly payments.


Unsecured Loan - Get up to a $10000 unsecured loan with good credit or up to a $1500 bad credit loan with no credit check.

Payday Loan Benefits - Many of us occasionally run short on cash because of unexpected bills, emergencies, accidents, illness and other reasons.

Personal Loan - Apply online for an unsecured personal loan, and learn the pros and cons between a Personal Loan and a Payday Loan for bad credit people.

Payday Loan Lender Information - Payday Loan Lender Information: A payday loan, also called a cash advance or a personal loan, provides a small, unsecured, short term cash loan in advance of payday.

Bank Payday Loan Lenders - Banks Associate with Payday Lenders. Since consumers often need a small, short term loan but many do not qualify for a tradictional, long term personal loan, the number of banks are providing payday advances through agent assisted loan programs is increasing.

Bad Credit Personal Loan FAQs - Learn about and apply online for a bad credit personal loan.

Unsecured Bank Loan - The Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), the national voice of the payday advance industry, has a stringent set of guidelines for agent-assisted bank loan programs. Members use the guidelines when partnering with banks to provide short-term, small denomination loans.

High Risk Personal Loan Application - Do you have bad credit and are looking for a high risk personal loan application?

Credit Union Payday Loan - Credit Unions offer their own loan program version of a payday loan.

High Risk Cosigner Loan - High risk cosigner loan facts, and how to avoid having good credit turn to bad credit.

Highly Personal Loan Lending - Personal loan lending is becoming increasingly personal as more people offer person-to-person loans even to those with bad credit.

Private Party Personal Loan - More private lenders engage in offering an online personal loan.

Unsecured Personal Loan Risk - Payday personal loans are designed to offer fast cash to bad credit people on a short term basis, yet such unsecured loans can have a long term impact without timely payoff.

Unsecured Loans Making Bad Worse - High risk unsecured loans offer easy cash even to bad credit people. But if not paid off timely, the short term payday loans deepen debt fast. Desperation to pay off monthly bills can put personal finances at risk. Payoff higher priority debts and charge off lower priority.

Secured Unsecured Low Interest Loans - Low interest rates abound, for both secured loans and unsecured loans. Get a loan to payoff bills at higher rates and improve personal finances, or to take that well-deserved vacation.

Personal Loan and Cash Advance - Differences between a traditional unsecured personal loan and a payday cash advance, history, and where to submit a bad credit personal loan application.

Bad Credit OK Loans - Though the credit crisis has reduced financial options for subprime people, some lenders do still offer 'Bad Credit OK Loans' and you can apply quickly and easily online.

Bad Credit Payday Loans Offer Unsecured Cash for Poor People - The federal government proposes changes that could completely terminate bad credit payday loans, though this financial option offers unsecured cash for poor people.

High Credit Risk Areas - You may be a high credit risk because of where you live, but thankfully there is still an unsecured, no credit check loan option.

Unsecured Payday Advance or Loan Shark - Who will poor and bad credit people turn to for emergency loan funds if government legislatures ban payday loans? Compare unsecured payday advance personal loans to those of loan sharks.

No Credit Check Bad Credit Loans - Apply for a no credit check bad credit loan. Review government legislations to control subprime interest rates and fees. Did you know, it is in the interest of the lender to offer you the lowest rate and least fees as possible?

Personal Loan for NonHomeOwner - The options for an unsecured personal debt consolidation loan, the people who qualify, and alternatives for both good and bad credit people, homeowners as well as non homeowners

Unsecured Personal Debt Consolidation Loan The options for an unsecured personal debt consolidation loan, the people who qualify, and alternatives for both good and bad credit people, homeowners as well as non homeowners

Bad Credit Lenders Facing High Risk Banks across the US report bad credit loans are adding to the high risk mortgage problems

Personal Loan Application A personal loan application is easier than ever, but consumers are using them less

Payday Debt Consolidation Loan Whether you want a payday loan to pay off bills or if you want a debt consolidaton loan to repay cash advances, consider these options

Payday Loan Fair Credit Borrowing Do payday loans offer more equal opportunity lending when compared to the approval process and interest rate determinations of other loans?

About Payday Advance Loans How payday loans work and the advantages for the borrower

Bad Credit Payday Loans are good for the Econom by stimulating it with new purchases and paying bills. Apply for a no credit check payday advance

Bank Emergency Loan Program - The federal government extends an emergency loan program to give banks access to more long term cash loans.

Emergency Loan Funding - Free credit tips for emergency loan funding. Cover urgent expenses with a short term payday loan, long term equity loan, borrow money, reduce bills or negotiate repayments.

Need Loan to Pay Bills - Solutions to cover expenses.

Online Loan Convenience - Online loans; particularly unsecured personal loans, are the quickest and easiest way to get cash fast. 

Payday Cash Loans - Why payday personal loans are a popular financial choice: The loan process is extremely simple, and qualification is easy.

Person-to-Personal Personal Loan - Do you; or a family member, need to borrow money from one other? For such very personal loans among family and friends, consider this advice.

Looking for a no bank account personal loan? There are benefits when these two are combined.

Private lender, person-to-person personal loan agreement.

Bank checking account personal loan installment payments and other facts.

Largest Unsecured Personal Loan

Loan without Checking Account Routing Number

Payday Loan Problems / Complaints

Payday Loan without Working or Work Verification

Personal Loan with No Fees Upfront

What are Alternatives to Payday Loans



Auto Loan: Get free quotes and apply for a new or used auto loan or for auto refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for secured and unsecured credit card applications and apply online. Applications for all types of cards ranging from an instant approval bad credit card to no deposit cards, including platinum credit card rewards.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings. You are entitled to one free credit report annually.

Debt Counseling: Get your expenses under control with credit counseling, an unsecured debt consolidation loan, debt management or negotiate debt settlement.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation, free credit offers plus financial tips to help effectively manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Free multiple quotes from mortgage lenders. Apply for a new home loan and start building your financial security.

Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan and other types of mortgage refinancing for home remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan and more.

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy plus free bankruptcy forms. Create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook register, track expenses and more.


What is a Personal Loan Unsuccessful Payment Fee?

When a borrower's automatic payment fails and is rejected by the his bank, an Unsuccessful Payment Fee is charged by some personal loan lenders to cover the cost incurred by the failed the transaction.

Several events can cause an automated payment to fail, such as an insufficient balance in the bank account, the bank account was closed or perhaps the account is suspended. Each attempt to collect the monthly payment is considered a separate transaction, so an Unsuccessful Payment Fee may be assessed for each failed attempt. The typical amount of an Unsuccessful Payment Fee is $15.


Get an instant approval, emergency loan to pay bills, for car repairs or for any reason when you need quick cash. Apply online now for your unsecured loan approval.



You don't need to wait days for approval. Payday loans are designed to get you through a short term financial need or emergency without having to apply for a personal loan which requires a credit check, and may even require a co-signor. But with a payday emergency loan, there are no credit check hassles.

With a payday loan, all you need to be approved is usually a steady job with around $800 to $1000 a month in income. With a bank personal loan you are required to have good to excellent credit, and possibly collateral such as a auto. If payday loans were not available, bad credit consumers would have limited alternatives for an emergency loan.

So what can you do when you find yourself in a cash emergency? You can choose to pawn personal property, borrow from those you know or go the quick easy route and apply for a pay day loan online. Approval usually takes only minutes, and you can even have money wired directly to your bank account.

Payday Loan Benefits:  Get a payday emergency loan
Emergency loan in as little as one hour. Flexible repayment schedules. You may extend the loan. No collateral or co-signor.


Auto refinancing emergency loan.

Other emergency loan option:
Get a cash loan using your auto as collateral - auto refinancing.



Even no credit and bad credit people can get an instant approval emergency loan with no credit check. It takes only minutes to apply, and you can use the cash loan however you want. Get an unsecured loan to pay bills or for any reason.


A payday advance is an excellent way to get a no credit check loan for bad credit or any credit. It has a higher interest rate than a simple, long term loan, because it provides a high risk loan to most anyone with an active checking account.


When people need a loan, payday loans are the most popular way to get money fast. Many states allow consumers to get as many loans as they want, while other states only allow a person three a year. This is one loan option that continues to help people who may have financial problems and have no other alternatives. Many lenders approve some applicants almost immediately without delay. Within hours funds may be available in their bank account, to spend as they wish.


Repayment terms can vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, it depends on each lenders' terms. Because of the hundreds of unsecured cash loan lenders online, there are terms to suit just about everyone. Like any other credit that is applied for, all terms and conditions need to be understood, including extending the loan or paying late fees. Emergency loans solve small needs for cash, some examples are, paying for college, buying school clothes or supplies, or paying a few bills so they won't be late.


Having a job for several months is required by some lenders, yet others only require a proof of a monthly income. All require that the person is a United States citizen, eighteen years or older. To be able to get the money within hours, an active bank account may be needed. Credit ratings are not an issue with some lenders, as they do not do a credit check, so this helps people with bad credit have a better chance of getting approved. Although, thousands of people with great credit apply for these loans, because they are quicker than some other options.


The online process is very simple and the form is usually short. The terms and conditions are posted on websites, so nothing is hidden from an applicant. Usually there is a toll free number that can be called. It can be best to apply first, and wait to be contacted. Sometimes the loan amount they approve people for could be higher or lower than what is requested. It is best not to over borrow just because it is available.


Read our latest article related to an unsecured loan or search for other loan options.

Payday Personal


When something happens in life, that may require money that is not available, getting money fast may be necessary. This is when many people seek a payday loan using online lenders. It could take banks days to complete paperwork on some consumers, and they may have strict requirements that may lead to a loan rejection. When something is needed right away, other resources may need to be pursued. 


Not all people are able to get approved for thousands of dollars, but some people with bad credit are often able to get approved for a couple hundred dollars. The reason this can be possible, is due to some lenders who are willing to take a risk, or they do not run a credit check. This is good for many people who have less than perfect scores. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete easy online applications for a paycheck loan.


Being able to find a temporary financial solution, to solve some financial problems, have helped thousands of consumers. It does not matter why a loan may be needed, but it does matter that the loan be repaid on the due date. This helps eliminate any added late fees that could be charged. Some lenders report payment habits, which can help rebuild credit if no late payments are reported. When there are is not a credit card to use to repair poor credit, some people just apply for a small loan, with a payday loan company who reports payment habits. Just make sure an amount is borrowed that can be repaid. Over time, positive paying habits can help build low scores. 


Companies have loans that usually fit many financial situations, and they provide a secure site so that personal information can be protected. It is always important to tackle any financial problems fast to avoid paying late fees. Getting money that is needed to pay bills on time, happens to millions of Americans every day. Some lenders do direct deposit, and get the funds into a checking or savings account within hours of applying.


Beware of applying for too much money. Some lenders will approve an applicant for more money than what may be requested. The danger is that it is tempting to take more than what is needed and that can be repaid when it is due. Once the process begins, some lenders are able to get the applicant money within hours. Since lenders have specific credit types they service, applying with the one who services an applicant's specific credit type, can help increase the chances of getting approved.


Don't let financial problems get out of hand, when there are solutions to get money fast. Review all details for unsecured, no collateral personal loans before applying. Make sure the repayment date is one that will be attainable. Avoid getting more money than is really needed, to be able to repay the loan. Some lenders do not require a bank account, yet having one can sometimes speed up the process of getting money.

If you're wondering how to get a personal loan from a credit union, your first course of action is to become an account member. But first, check to see if you qualify for a personal loan from your employer. Some employers have their own loan programs, and some even have their own branded credit unions. There are all sorts of signature loan companies at your disposal. In addition to a signature loan by credit union lenders, you could also consider a personal loan from a friend. This option typically has fewer issues than a personal loan from a family member. Whichever you choose, be sure to come to full agreement and spell out the terms in the signature loan agreement form so there won't be any misunderstandings down the road.

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Emergency funds to the rescue. Poor people can prevent debt with a bank savings account.
You can submit an instant emergency loan application for a crisis situation, or you can prepare now to fund such events so you're not using equity for a secured loan or paying high interest for an unsecured loan.
Who will poor and bad credit people turn to for emergency loan funds if government legislatures ban payday loans? Compare unsecured payday advance personal loans to those of loan sharks.
The federal government; specifically the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), offers Americans a website at to help them payoff credit card or high interest debt, boost emergency loan funds, and avoid investment scams.
The benefits of having an emergency loan fund with a bank savings account, and how you can get a second chance bank checking account even with bad credit.
Free credit tips for emergency loan funding. Cover urgent expenses with a credit card, short term payday loan, long term equity loan, borrow money, reduce bills or negotiate repayments.
A Visa survey asked consumers these questions (1) Do you set aside money every month for any major expenses? If so, (2) what are you saving for?
The federal government extends an emergency loan program to give banks access to more, longer term cash loans. With interest rates low, now is a good time for a good or a bad credit home, auto or personal loan.

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If you have credit problems and you are in need of a loan, we can help! For customers nationwide who are in situations we offer special Bad Credit Loans.

At Loan City, we understand that life circumstances within the current economic climate, often make it difficult to maintain a perfect credit rating. We look at more than past credit history when determing a person's ability to repay a loan. We make decisions based on your current financial situation, not your past history. We will find a way to approve your loan!

Loan City has been providing bad credit personal loans and other financial solutions to individuals and homeowners for well over 10 years. Applying over a decade of financial expertise, we have built an exceptionally broad array of lending services - each designed to address the evolving needs of today’s borrowers.

Loan City is dedicated to providing skilled and personalized services to our clients. We hire only the best and we train to the uncompromising standards that are rooted in our history. We do this to assure that you, our customer, receives the respect and service you deserve.

Q: How can I apply for a personal loan? A: You can apply for a loan with Loan City simply by completing the online Loan Application form. It takes two minutes to complete and submit!

Q: Are their any fees associated with the application? A: Not at all. Submitting an application is absolutely free.

Q: What is the minimum loan amount I can apply for? A: The minimum loan amount we process is $5000 dollars.

Q: How will I know if I have been approved? A: One of our loan representatives will contact you via telephone within 48 hours to inform you of the status of your application.

Q: How quickly can I get my money? A: On receipt of your signed agreements we can either transfer the balance of your new loan to your selected bank account or send you a cheque via post.

* If you choose to have your new loan transferred to your selected bank account, this will take up to 4 working days following the receipt of your agreements, which includes the day we do the transfer.

Please note that some Banks and Building Societies do not accept funds transferred direct, in these instances we will contact you to make alternative arrangements to have your monies released.

Q: Why are there so many questions on the application form? A: It is important to gather as much information as possible on all applicants in order to make a fair and informed decision.

Q: I have a bad credit rating, can I still get a loan? A: Yes, at Loan City we have loan solutions for people of all credit types.

Q: What will the interest rate be on my loan? A: After completing your application, one of our loan representatives will contact you to discuss the details of the rates and terms we can offer based on your specific needs. Rest assured, we have some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Q: I am a member of the United States Army and live at a United States Military address, can I still apply for a loan with Loan City? A: Yes, we welcome applicants from United States Military.

Q: Is this site secure? A: Loan City has a serious protocol on security and protection of customer information. This site has been designed in accordance with financial industry standards and best practices. All forms including our online application forms are protected with 256 bit encryption. 

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